Davening at DAT 

Building a meaningful and consistent practice of tefillah (prayer) is a goal that we have for all of our students. Please see below for the tunes that are associated with each daily prayer as recorded by former DAT teacher, Eli Bilmes. Please note that you may need to increase your speaker volume.

The page numbers correlate to the Artscroll Hebrew/English siddur, followed by Hebrew only siddur.  

  1. Mah Tovu p. 12, p. 6

  2. Adon Olam p. 12, p. 6

  3. Yigdal p.12, p. 7

  4. Bircat HaTorah, elu devarim, Elihi Neshama p.16-17, p. 9-10

  5. Birkat Hashachar p.18-20, p. 11-13

  6. Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habayit p.54-56, p. 24

  7. Baruch Sheamar  p.58-60, p. 25

  8. Hodu p.60-62, p. 26-28

  9. Vehu Rachum p.62-64, p. 28 (line 6) - p. 29

10. Mizmor LeTodah p.64-66, p. 29-30

11. Ashrei p.66-68, p. 30-32

12. Halleluyah 1 p. 70, p. 3313. Halleluyah 2 p. 70-72, p. 33-34
14. Halleluyah 3 p.72,  p. 34-35
15. Halleluyah 4 p.72-74, p. 35
16. Halleluyah 5 p.74, p. 35
17. Baruch Adonai Leolam p.74-78, p. 35-37
18. Vayosha Adoani, Az Yashir p.78-80, p. 38-40
19. Yishtabach  p.82, p. 4120. The Berachot of Shema (Yotzer) p.84-86, p. 42-43
21. Teetbarach Tzuraynu p.86-88, p. 43-44
22. LeEl Baruch p.88, p. 44
23. Ahava rabah p.88-90, p. 44-45
24. Shema p.90-94, p. 45-47
25. Emet Veyatziv p.94.  p. 48
26. Ezrat Avoteinu p.96, p. 48-49
27. Lamnatzayach p.152, p. 79
28. Uva Letzion 



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