Service LearningService Learning enhances the community through the service provided, but also has powerful learning opportunities for our students. Whether in Denver, other parts of Colorado and the west, or in Israel, DAT High School students engage in service learning rooted in Jewish teachings and values. It is a dynamic process, through which students' personal and social growth is tightly interwoven into their academic and cognitive development.

We select positive, meaningful service learning opportunities that are real to our students. We aim to build a strong community and empower our students to be leaders in the future. We place our students in cooperative experiences, promoting skills associated with teamwork, community involvement, and citizenship. We also ensure that the experiences enable our students to use problem-solving skills by requiring them to gain knowledge about particular situations, versus simply learning in theory about a problem in a textbook. Students must help find solutions and the pride they feel upon accomplishing their tasks and goals is inspiring and generates a desire to do more.


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