A DAT Alumna Reflects on Living In Israel by Shira Hill.
Originally posted in the November 20, 2015 Midreshet Torat Chessed Newsletter. 

A concept that is strongly emphasized at MTC is the strength of the Jewish people. We had an amazing opportunity to learn more about this on our Golan Tiyul. On the second day of the trip, we drove to different lookout points from which we could see Syria and Lebanon. Our tour guide told us inspiring stories of the IDF soldiers who conquered the Golan. A recurring command given to these soldiers when they were outnumbered and nearly defeated was to just stay for a little longer. Whether it was thirty more minutes or ten more minutes, they  proved to be critical, and the Israelis won battles by simply sticking around for a little longer.

Israel still faces many challenges today. We are constantly under attack in different ways, whether it be by terrorists or by the media. Sometimes we may feel hopeless, like there is nothing we can do to help the situation. This is when we have to remember the commands that were given to the IDF when Israel was fighting for the Golan. Just stay for five more minutes. Just wait a little longer. As Jewish people in the Land of Israel, we cannot back down or show our weakness, even when we feel like we are at our worst. We have to stick it out, stay in Israel, and continue to live our lives.

This concept is also relatable to me on a personal level. When we are in a tough situation or facing a challenge and don’t know how to fix it, we should not back down. For example, at MTC, it is sometimes challenging for me to connect with my kids. I have realized that things will never get better if I stop going to my kids - the only way to overcome this challenge is to keep going back every day. Just being there, and showing my kids that I will continue to be there, is the most important thing.

Even though we may not see it right away. staying for just a little bit longer and not giving up can make all the difference. We have to face our enemies and our challenges with determination and the confidence not to back down, whether it is on a national level or on a personal level.



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